About Me

Welcome on my personal website / blog.
This is a website I mainly use to share some of the things I’ve learned, figured out, and want to share with others who might have use for it.

I’m Mattias Vandelannoote.
On a professional level, I’m focussing mainly on Modern Workplace (Microsoft 365, Intune, Endpoint manager, …)

In my spare time, I enjoy going for a walk with our dog, making bike rides with friends, and exploring new areas.
I’m also very interested in anything technology related.
Besides the IT related things, I find the whole energy transition, renewable energy and building construction techniques very interesting.


For education, I’ve first completed my education as Bachelor in Wood Technology.
Especially the technical drawing part, and wood construction where things that interested me a lot about this education.
During that time, I mainly saw IT more as a hobby.

After being responsible for the IT for just over 5 years at a wood working company, I wanted to advance my career further in IT, and expand my knowledge, which up to then I’ve all gained by a lot of trial and error and a lot of watching tutorial / informational video’s and reading up on a lot of blogs.

Since 2020 I’ve started following a new education, Bachelor in applied Informatics.
This education I’m following after after my hours of my full time job.