Manage window location using a script




We where asked to help with setting up the work desk of the operator of a new line which was being installed.
After talking to the people involved in the project, the operators and analysing what there exact requirements, we ended up suggesting 2 big 43″ 4k displays connected to 1 pc.

This made sure we had enough screen real estate to display all of the tools and applications which they need to do there job, but the default Windows window snapping system is insufficient.
The operator has more than 8 different windows, and some need to be shown bigger than others.

We could use FancyZones, which is part of Power Toys to customize where and how the different windows can be snapped in place.
However, if the user needs to snap all the different windows in place every time the pc is restarted, this would get really annoying.

We decided to check if we couldn’t achieve this with just a hotkey on the keyboard which calls a script.

After doing some research, I found the best and easiest way to achieve this currently is using a command line utility called NirCmd from NirSoft.

I would have preferred not having to use a 3rd party utility to achieve this, but this didn’t seem to be possible yet, or wasn’t as user friendly.
In the near future, we might be able to use the upcoming API exposed by the Windows UIAutomation platform, but this is only available at the moment if the Windows Insider Preview SDK is installed.


Script in which we specify the size of specific windows, and where they need to be positioned on the screen.

NirSoft – NirCmd

Small application which allows you to do some usefull tasks without displaying any user interface.

I came across this application when I was looking for a way to control where different application windows would be located with the press of a button.
This was needed to make is easier / faster for the operator of the machine to get all his monitoring screens, camera feeds and others opened and positioned on the 2 big 43″ public displays he has in front of him.

How I exactly used this application to achieve this, is described in another post.

NirSoft – NirCmd

License: Freeware